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300tube Brave Wilderness   11 March, 2016

Man vs Cassowary!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote challenges the most dangerous bird on the planet…to an apple eating contest! 

That’s right, in this episode we’ll see which of these two contenders likes apples the most…the Southern Cassowary or Coyote Peterson? Coyote claims there’s no way the bird can possibly eat an apple faster due to its lack of hands…but little does he know, “Mama Cass” has a a few tricks up her sleeve…

Get ready to see who REALLY wants to keep the doctor away!

The Southern Cassowary is endangered in its native range of Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia and is regarded as one of the most prehistoric species of bird on the planet. Just one look at their scaly feet or prominent helmet like casque will have you convinced you’ve traveled back in time!

Big thanks to Ryan Prentice and all of the staff at Jungle Island for hosting the crew and making this episode possible…and for providing some delicious apples! 

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